Muse – Lewis Jones

Lewis Jones



Graphic Designer, Art Director and Photographer & Videographer for Phoebe & Knox

We know you are a boy but what is your favourite Phoebe & Knox piece to date? 

The Wendy Pinafore – it was named after my mom so thats pretty cool. The Lisa Playsuit is also cute.

We get to see your life through a lens – how did you get into photography and was this always the plan?

I am not actually a professional photographer, just an amateur. So really wasn’t part of the plan. I just help out people here and there.

We obviously love all the graphic design stuff you did for us, the logo, swing tickets business cards, fb banners and website layout (to name a few things) etc. and we want to know what your favourite part about being a graphic designer is?

I like being creative. Being creative is an outlet for me.

What graphic designers do you look to for inspiration? 

Valentin Ozich, Jonathan Zawada and Jordan Metcalf

If you could jetset to anywhere in the world right now – where would that be and why? 

Probably Australia, I had such a good time in Brisbane and Byron Bay there last year.

What can you not travel without? 


If you had to recommend one location that you have visited as a MUST SEE before you die, where would that be and why?

Noosa beach, Aus

How would you describe your fashion style?

What is fashion?

Quote you live by?

Be with someone who can make you laugh even when you dont feel like smiling

If you could give one piece of advice to any inspired photographer or graphic designer – what would that be?

Take it easy

New Years Resolution?

Make more time for sports

All time favourite song?

Eish. There are so many. Actually – Charles Murdoch – No Lungs. Gets me everytime.

Who or what inspires you? 

Music and the visuals that go with music. Natural elements.

 What is your favourite meal and are there any food spots we should try when we are next in your area?

Two words: Afros. Chicken.

Quick Answers:

City Life vs Island Life

Sunrise vs Sunset

Tea vs Coffee

Chocolate vs Cheese

Planned Trip vs Spontaneity

Barefoot vs Sandals

Summer vs Snow

Dress vs Playsuit

Sneakers vs slops

Pizza vs Burger